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Everything you need to make
incredible creations in the sand.



The Pufferfish Kit has everything you need to have awesome fun in the sand, and it packs down small to make it easy to carry to the beach, or throw in your car!
Make a mountain of sand in minutes with our

Make a mountain of sand in just minutes with this enormous sand mover. It's big. REALLY big. Or small, for kinds. It's totally adjustable! And it's made of high grade aluminum so it's super lightweight, and it's designed to pack down easily. It's perfect for an over-sized sand castle, or digging a giant hole!

Soak the sand with a LOT of water with our...

For great Sand Castles you really need to get that sand WET - the more wetter the more better! The Better Bucket carries 16 liters of water so you can really soak that sand, and we designed it to pour easily in all directions. Plus it's super durable, totally collapsible, and easy to pack. Whether you're trying to get the sand easy to wet, wash the sand off your legs, or just soak someone on the beach, it's the best bucket for the job!

Shape it into something AMAZING with our...

The Super Scoop is an upgraded and over-engineered version of the classic kid's scoop. It's insanely strong, and perfect for all hand sizes! Did we mention that it's crazy over-engineered? It's excessively awesome. This is the sand scoop you always dreamed of.

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