Why is it called Pufferfish?

Because Pufferfish make amazing sand creations on the ocean floor!


What ages of children can use this?

The Super Scoop, of course, is great for all ages!  The rest are tools, not toys, so anybody that can safely use a tool should be fine.  They're really intended for adults and older kids, but if your children can be trusted with garden tools, they'll be ok with these.  Use your judgement, but that probably means ages 8 and up.  

Why is the plastic black?

The plastic in our handles is made of upcycled fishing nets.  The nets are all different colors, so when they're melted down they all get mixed together and the result is black. Unfortunately it's impossible to remove color from plastic!

Why is the color printed on?

The simple answer is that it was the best choice for the environment.  We printed the color on because the only other option was to use a second, colored plastic.  That second plastic would probably not have been recycled, and if we had used two different plastics we would have made it impossible to actually recycle the Pufferfish products in the future.

Where are the fishing nets from?

The fishing nets are pulled from the ocean, or dropped off by fishermen, then cleaned, melted down, and ultimately re-shaped into our tools!