How to Build a Sand Castle


It's easy if you have the right tools!

Step 1: Shovel it

Make a BIG pile of sand.

It's easy to go big with the Really Big Shovel, and Sand Castles are fun when they're big!

Step 2: Soak it

The wetter the better! It's impossible to use too much water.

Start with at least 4 buckets of water.

(optional) Stand on it

Compacting the sand as much as you can will help make your castle stable.

Try standing on it. Is it solid? If not, add more water!

Step 3: Shape it

Turn it into something AMAZING! Start at the top, and work your way down.

Use the Super Scoop to make the main shapes of your creation. Details make it feel real. Add a door and a window, or fins and eyes...

Step 4: Share it!

Make a memory and capture the moment. Then share it with others!

Make sure you get your friends and family in the picture, too!

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