Everything you need to make something amazing!
  • The Pufferfish Kit
    The Pufferfish Kit
    Our signature kit, perfect for getting started
  • Pufferfish Deluxe Kit
    Pufferfish Deluxe Kit
    Get everyone in the family engaged
  • Pufferfish Solo Kit
    Pufferfish Solo Kit
    Perfect for some solo creativity time
  • Super Scoop
    Super Scoop
    A classic, but bigger, stronger, betterer!
  • Really Big Shovel
    Really Big Shovel
    Make a mountain in just minutes
  • Better Bucket
    Better Bucket
    Bring the surf to the sand
  • SandBag
    Carry all your sand castle gear
  • Mesh Bag
    Mesh Bag
    Keep your Super Scoops organized
  • Sand Blaster
    Sand Blaster
    Bring those details to life
  • Super Scoop Trio
    Super Scoop Trio
    3x the Super Scoops for 3x the fun!
  • Lightweight Hat
    Lightweight Hat
    Lightweight, breathable, adjustable cap
  • Men's T-shirt
    Men's T-shirt
    Men's Crew, deliciously soft!
  • Women's T-shirt
    Women's T-shirt
    Women's Scoop, buttery smooth
  • Kid's T-shirt
    Kid's T-shirt
    Kids Crew, so snuggly soft