Original Backers

Original Backer

We couldn't have developed Pufferfish without a LOT of love, support, and help from our community. To everyone on this page, and everyone else who gave us their best, THANK YOU!

Specific thanks to:

Our Families, including
Sophia, Jackson, Weston, Sky, Stan, Ann Marie, Lindsay, Shelley, Don, Evan, Shane, Megan, Katie, Jackson, Tyson, Matt, Ginger, Aspen, Ryder, Ross, Kristen, Katie, Ryan, Addie, Russ,  Jen and Lucille. Thanks for encouraging us, cheering for us, counseling us, consoling us, and of course beta testing everything! We literally couldn’t have done any of this crazy adventure without your love and support!

Our Partners, including
Matt, Felice, Candace, and Tim helping us with an incredible plastic and making the oceans healthier
David & Panos for getting our amazing tools made
Kevin and Gene, for making the colors POP
Mara and Jeffrey at Golden Goods, for creating incredible t-shirts for us
Sarah at 1% for the Planet, for getting us all setup and ready to roll
Ben at BXFilms, for making us look good!

Our Friends!
Adam Grosser, for letting us use his 3D printer, and introducing us to Adidas
Douglas Palmer, for helping us use Adam’s printer
Angela Tam, for constant illustrator awesomeness
Jeff Kunzelman, for coaching on 3D printing and for using his Glowforge to make cool business cards for us
Rick Noller, for educating us about plastic 
Zach Edmonds, for beta testing every version of everything
Adam, Abby, Allison, Ayla, Aiden, Ashleigh, Brendan, Katie, Tyson, Jackson for beta testing our stuff extensively
Itai Vonshak, for loaning us his fancy drone, and for amazing advice on kickstarter and marketing
Melanie Larson, for great feedback on how to kickstarter
Daphne Simbulan, for great product feedback and always being excited at every crazy step
Chris and Charleen Cheng, for listening with anticipation to every single insane step on this crazy journey, and regular product feedback
Art Trembanis, for incredible advice on the science of sand
Shelley Ott, for lots of great insight on our legal Ts and Cs.

Our Video Crew!
The Ahn family (Hanah, Eddie, Julia, Ella, Drew, William), the Cho family (Rob, Justin, Vera), the Koski Family (Kevin, Kelly, Cora, Alla), the Crane Family (Joni, Sophia, & Keira Crane), and Michael Brozovich for coming out to the Beach on a Monday to make epic sand castles for our launch video!

We  💖  you all!