The Beaches are Open!

The Beaches are Open!

It's summer time!  The weather is warm, shelter-in-place is coming slowly to an end, and beaches all around the country are starting to open back up!  We can't wait to get out there, and even better, we're almost ready to release Pufferfish into the world!

That's right! We are gearing up to launch Pufferfish in the very new future. We have a bunch of products ready in our California warehouse, the Super Scoops are on a boat somewhere in the Pacific, and we have some really sweet Pufferfish hats flying their way to California as we speak. 

We can't wait to get these products in your hands for some summer fun, so sign up for our newsletter to find out as soon as they're available!

Also, visit our Instagram feed to be inspired by great sand castles, hilarious sand castle fails, family fun, and gorgeous beaches.  Our YouTube channel has great  ‘build’ videos that show more detail on building awesome stuff with our tools. Check them out, subscribe and follow!

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We can’t wait to get you one!


Can’t wait to get my set : )

zach edmonds

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