What we're doing and why

What we're doing and why

PUFFERFISH is as much passion as it is product, maybe more so, so here's WHAT we're doing, and WHY.

The first thing to understand is that I love great products, products that elevate experiences.  That might be an amazing tool in the kitchen, or a high quality yoga matt, a really nice bike, or a fantastic smoker.  If there is an activity I enjoy and plan to spend a lot of time doing, I tend to want the right gear for it, and that generally means good quality, and purposefully designed. Those products are a pleasure to use, and they last.

I also love going to the beach with my family, and did it throughout my childhood at beaches on the East Coast. Sand castles are quintessential beach experiences.  Making a sand castle is creative, collaborative, memorable, full of sand and sun and ocean, and everyone can do it. Sand Castles are awesome! 

So when I took my family to Hawaii a few years ago I was SUPER frustrated that all I could find were cheap plastic buckets and shovels, basically toddler toys that are essentially junk. You can’t do much with them, and they often are single use.  I wanted something better, and there literally *wasn’t* anything.  When I looked up what the professionals and serious hobbyists do, I learned that they all cobble stuff together from the workshop, workbench, garden, etc, and none of it is approachable, easy to figure out, and it’s all very difficult to travel with. I mean, who can take a 5 foot garden shovel with them to Hawaii?!

Pufferfish was born. 

What we’re making is nothing like what you’re probably used to. You can make an ENORMOUS pile of sand in just minutes, because sand castles are better BIG.  And what we’re making is way over-engineered, super portable, and entirely awesome. And it’s NOT for little kids; there are plenty of toddler toys already. These are for dads like us, and moms, and older kids and 20-somethings spending a day at the beach with friends, and well … Everyone!

Every time we go to the beach to test something out (it’s a rough day in the office, to be sure LOL ), people come over to find out what we’re doing. We tell them we’re making tools to let them make awesome sand castles, and they ALWAYS want one.  And inevitably a gaggle of kids wander over with questions, wanting to help, and then parents come with apologies because we are suddenly the de-facto babysitters.     

So why are we calling it Pufferfish? PUFFERFISH. Because pufferfish make incredible sand creations on the ocean floor. Bet you didn’t know that!

You can follow our progress on Facebook or Instagram @PufferfishFun or sign up to be notified at https://pufferfish.fun

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