Welcome to Pufferfish!

Welcome to Pufferfish!

We LOVE playing in the sand at the beach.  It’s creative, joyful, outside, active, sunny, and memorable.  Our goal with PUFFERFISH is for you to love it, too!  

We also love awesome products.  We’ve worked on some of the world’s biggest brands, like Apple, Skype, Yahoo!, Rubbermaid, and Palm, and we know that awesome products have a way of elevating experiences.  So if we’re going to make a product for playing in the sand, it’s going to be AWESOME. Over the top. Amazing. Beautiful. Functional. Desirable. Because we want to want it, too!

We also want you to enjoy the beach for a loooong time, and for your kids to enjoy it too.  That means making things in a way that’s great for the planet, using great materials, re-using materials, and making things that will LAST.  No more single-use disposable toddler toys. ☺️

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